Top Eco-Friendly Choices For Your Chores

26 October, 2020

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Do chores feel monotonous? Perhaps the day in and day out approach gets pretty stale, so what can you do to spice things up a bit? Perhaps if you knew that you were cleaning for the betterment of the planet you could muster up some excitement? That’s what we will break down today; how you can change your day to day around the house activities with eco-friendly choices. These will add up to big changes across the planet and in your household.


Don’t turn your nose up at this household jack of all trades. This seemingly magic potion can do a multitude of things around your house. Instead of using bottles of mystery scrubbing bubbles, simple vinegar can be your eco-friendly choice for a cleaning agent. Vinegar is especially useful in areas where you might store food, like your pantry or refrigerator. Soak a rag or sponge in white vinegar and scrub away. Simply rinse with water afterwards to ward off any lingering smell. Completely safe for food surfaces and fabrics!

Natural Gas

How do you heat your home? Did you know that natural gas is one of the cleanest burning natural fuels you can use to heat and cool your home? With natural gas being an eco friendly choice when it comes to your household energy supplier, you might be surprised to learn that it usually saves families money as well. When a home uses natural gas they can save close to $1,000 a year. Enough to tip the scales in the favor of natural gas.

Reusable Products

When it comes to cleaning, sometimes you might feel like you go through a whole roll of paper towel, right? Just wiping and tossing, over and over. Have you ever considered investing in reusable towels? An investment up front that pays for itself in a short amount of time, reusable towels are a great eco-friendly choice to make when cleaning your home. They can soak up more liquid, have greater durability, and they are even prettier than the average paper towel counterpart. These are some of our favorites from the Zero Waste Store

Use the Sun

It’s summer in Michigan and that's arguably the best season for the state. Sun shines well into the evening with low chances of showers. Use the sun to dry your clothes! A simple laundry line, or a drying rack can cut down big bucks on your energy usage. 

Chores are boring, we get it. But hopefully these simple methods with eco friendly choices can turn that frown upside down, and make our planet a better one for the future. Also, when kids are home and in quarantine, there is no better way to burn off excess energy than a bit of sweat equity! Keep checking back to the Kratos Gas & Power blog for weekly posts on saving money and home DIYs.