Current Rates

We are currently offering the following rates:

DTE ENERGY: $0.218/ccf for customers with DTE Energy as their utility provider.

CONSUMERS ENERGY: $2.29/mcf for customers with Consumers Energy as their utility provider.

Kratos Gas & Power offers competitive variable rate plans and your rate will vary month to month. For new customers, this will happen after your first month. There are a multitude of factors that can affect the price of natural gas: weather, location, supply factors and many others. We at Kratos are experts in navigating this complex landscape, which allows us to offer consistently low rates every month. For more information please contact us.


CCF is a unit of measurement used when calculating the volume of natural gas consumed or delivered. Otherwise known as Centum Cubic Feet, one CCF is equal to the volume of 100 cubic feet. Although natural gas is also commonly measured in Therms (thermal energy units), it is simpler to calculate the volume of gas in CCF rather than thermal energy units. This is why consumers often see their gas usage reported in CCF on their monthly statements instead of Therms. One CCF is equal to 1.025 Therms, so both units of measurement can be converted quite easily from one to the other.


MCF is a unit of measurement to report the volume of natural gas consumed or delivered. Natural gas is most easily measured by volume, and in this case, h M stands for “thousand” while CF stands for “cubic feet”. One MCF is equivalent to the volume of 1,000 cubic feet. One MCF is also equivalent to about one million BTUs (British Thermal Units), where BTU is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit at sea level.