Frequently Asked Questions

Are the natural gas prices fixed, or will they change from month to month?

Currently we only offer a month to month rate. Please check back in the future if you are interested in a fixed rate plan.

How Do I Conserve Energy to lower my Energy Costs?

Follow this link for great tips on how to save money on your energy costs:

How will changes in price be determined?

Natural gas is a commodity in which the prices go up and down as conditions in the market fluctuate. There are a multitude of factors that can affect the price of natural gas: weather, location, supply factors and many others. We at Kratos are experts in navigating this complex landscape, which allows us to offer consistently low rates every month.

Does it cost anything to switch to Kratos?

No, switching to Kratos is completely free.

What changes can I expect when switching to Kratos?

Expect to see our lower rates, and our industry-leading customer service. You will not see a change in reliability, as your local utility will continue to deliver natural gas to your home.

Do I have to notify my current supplier that I am switching to Kratos?

No, once you sign up with us, we will take care of the rest of the process. You will receive your first Kratos bill at the end of the next billing cycle.

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Kratos Gas & Power Michigan is happy to help you make the switch to a natural gas provider that better fits your needs.

Please remember that Kratos does not bill you directly for your natural gas service and that most questions, such as billing issues or service questions, are best answered by your local utility.

If you’d like to find out more about Kratos and why you should make the switch, just give us a call or fill out the form below!

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