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Steps To Correctly Prepare For A Flood

By July 28, 2020Helpful

With recent natural events, heavy rain, paired with outdated human technology, old dams, you might have reason to worry about your homestead. How Do you prepare for a flood? Is Insurance necessary? Are you in a flood zone? We run down several possible options and scenarios in order to keep your family and home safe, no matter what the circumstances


Zone In


Flooding in Michigan is not the most natural occurrence but unfortunately, there has been a rise in flooding in the most recent decade. This has many Michigan residents worried about their ability to prepare for a flood. Technically, everyone lives in a flood zone, your risk varies from high to low. Find out your flood zone here and learn more about the likelihood of a flood happening on your property. 


Ensure You Are Insured


Flood insurance may sound like an overreach, but in the rainy season in a peninsula, you are better safe than sorry. Flood Smart is a great resource for flood insurance in Michigan. They can help you prepare for a flood with several types of flood insurance, even for rental homes or businesses. If you do not think you’re at risk, consider how expensive it would be if your basement flooded; technology and furniture ruined. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a contingency plan?


“Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.”


A common idiom that describes the best way to ready yourself for any disaster. Part of preparing for a flood is to have an emergency plan. This is an excellent, standard form you and your family can fill out. Once you have a plan, make sure you communicate to your entire family and whomever you live with. When the time comes, you want everyone to be on the same page.


Here are a few key points to workout before crisis strikes:


-Have a bag packed. Have copies of your ID’s, birth certificates, SS cards, and non-electronic deeds. Pack a change of clothes, money, first aid kit, a flashlight, a full water bottle and a few non-perishable snacks. Have one for each family member, ready by your door or in the car.


-Know where you are going. If you do have to evacuate, decide your emergency destination beforehand. Higher ground or a shelter is a good place to relocate. You do not want to plan on driving very far, in case the water moves faster than predicted.


-Make sure that your mode of transport is reliable and fueled. Getting a tune-up on your car can be useful in case of an emergency.


We hope that everyone stays safe through any uncertain times. There is much value in trying to control the variables where you can. Begin working on your plan as soon as you are able; being aware and alert to issues in your surrounding area is the first step. Here is a full list of Michigan hazards and how to prepare for them. Continue to check back for more information on all things Michigan here at the Kratos Gas blog.