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The weather is continuing to descend into rainy days, longer nights, and colder temperatures. With these changes comes the unwelcome arrival of cold and flu season. Unfortunately coinciding with one of the jolliest times of the year, these bugs can quickly de-rail even the most prepared and organized holiday shopper, let alone the rest of us still trying to cram more items into our Amazon Prime basket. How can you prevent this season of sickies from getting you down? We have a few helpful hints to make your season a little brighter.

Vitamins Everyday

Keep up your vitamin C regimen, or start one now. Vitamins can be your first defense when encountering harmful viruses. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant which helps keep your body’s immune system in tip-top shape. You can find it in plenty of different foods, the go to are oranges, but strawberries, kiwi, and spinach are also great sources.

Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands more than usual. We are trained from a young age to wash up after meals and restroom activities, but during this season we are usually exposed to more people and surfaces than our normal routine would include. This means we need to be washing our hands more than ever. Think about all the handles, doorknobs, handshakes, or shopping carts that we are coming in contact with, all these are potential germ sources. If you cannot always get to the bathroom, pick up a small bottle of hand sanitizer to use sporadically throughout your day.

Get enough sleep

This may seem impossible with all the holiday parties, the cooking, and the wrapping that takes place, but sleep can be your best friend. Think of it as a present to yourself, otherwise the candle will most certainly burn at both ends and you’ll be left with the sniffles and no energy to enjoy the holiday you worked so hard to create.

Essential Oils

Try the alternative medicine approach with essential oils. A lot of us have to choose if we get the flu shot or not, for people who would like to look in a different direction, essential oils can help ease some symptoms of winter blues. Lemon, lavender, and frankincense are all great at helping the body detoxify and repair. Make sure you start with small amounts on the skin, and notice how the body reacts.

The crowds of people may be dangerous for the immune system this season, but using these simple tips we can all be a little smarter and a little healthier this season.