Working Out At Home

21 January, 2021

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Working out at home can be a task no one looks forward to. But in a time of closed gyms, cold weather, and tight budgets, it might be the best choice you make for your body and wallet, this year. The beginning of January is a new chapter in many people's lives. They resolve to get in shape, lose weight, and feel better than ever. This decision does not have to cost hundreds of dollars, require new gym clothes, or any new equipment. We run down what you need to start working out at home.

The first step to creating a workout space in your home, is just that, space. You will need an area that is free of potential hazards, ie a fan coffee table or anywhere with sharp edges and corners. Once you've made the space for yourself try doing several motions reach hands up towards the ceiling, kick legs out in front and back of you, and squat down. That way when you are exercising you will have no potential hazards for injuring yourself. Nobody wants a trip to the hospital on their first day of working out.

Designate Your Space

Find an area in your home with plenty of room. You want to be able to jump, twist, reach, and kick in every direction. Steer clear of low ceilings, sharp edges, and furniture. Keep water and a towel handy to prevent dehydration and sweat puddles.

What to Wear?

Look for clothes in your closet that are tight fitting but comfortable. Tight clothing may feel uncomfortable but they actually help with compression of your muscles while working out. This reduces chances for injury and decreases muscle soreness! Clothes with moisture wicking properties often feel better when working out, pulling sweat away from the skin instead of sitting directly on top. Remember that you will be working out at home so no one cares how cute you are or if your belly slips out.

Equip Yourself

Workout equipment has soared in price. Luckily, there are everyday swaps for simple items like weights, bands, and mats.

For weights try using milk jugs filled with water, backpacks with books inside, bags of pet food, and even tightly closed paint cans. 

For bands you can use panty hose or tights tied together, a robe tie, or a bungee cord!

Mats are easily replaced with towels or blankets, just be aware, they might slip on hardwood or tile floors. 

Types of Workouts

Decide what workout works best for your goals. Are you looking to release some mental stress? Yoga flows might be the best for you. Are you looking to lose weight and improve your cardiovascular health in a short amount of time? HIIT workouts are the best for you. If you are looking for overall strength, look for total body-weight workouts. Any of the aforementioned workouts have free versions online. You can try YouTube or Instagram for limitless options. Even big names like Peloton, Mind body, or Obe offer free trials. You can get a taste of what instructors are like, different workout routines, and what you like the best. Never settle for a workout that you hate, because there is always something out there that you will enjoy more. And 2021 is too short to dislike something.

Timing Is Everything

Along with the right workout, you will also need to find the right time of day. Some early risers like to get their work out in before the sun comes up. This is helpful for those with tight schedules, and responsibilities like picking up children cooking dinner, or second jobs. The body is the most tense at this time so you might notice workouts feel harder. Noon workouts, or lunch workouts, are a great way to multitask. This can be awesome for those who like to sleep in, or people who like don't mind eating at their desk. Late night workouts are great, your body is the most awake and often you feel the most energized. Keep in mind that working out late can sometimes push your sleep schedule back a few hours.

Working out at home does not have to be expensive, difficult, or terrible. With the great resource of the internet, home workouts can be efficient and produce results with consistent effort. Keep your goals throughout the entire year and keep checking back to the Kratos Gas and Power blog for more lifestyle tips.