Winterize Your Cabin, Before Its Too Late

09 September, 2021


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Do you have a cottage? A second residence? Perhaps even a rental unit that doesn’t have occupancy year-round. If this is true for you, have you thought about what you need to winterize your property yet? The weather is cooling off and the summer heat is dispersing. This may be the perfect time to make those adjustments to a place you may not see again for the next few months. You need to beat the first frost; keep your property in tip-top shape with these winterizing musts. 


Having an extra layer of protection on your windows helps to shelter against many environmental hazards. They can deter burglary, keep animals out, and safeguard against harsh winter storms. There are four types of outdoor shutters, this list gives a great rundown of the price and pros and cons of each. Depending on your budget, you are sure to find something that works for your residence. If you do not have the budget for new shutters this season, DIY a window covering from plywood. 


Before you leave for several months, you want to ensure that all of your household is in top-notch shape. 

-Check the furnace is in working order

-Look for air leaks around window seals, pipes, and vents

-All gas-powered tools should be cleaned and stored properly

Turn off, Unplug, and Drain

Save money and hassle by removing any chance of flooding, electrical shorts, and fires. Machines that pump water (like dishwashers, clothes washers) will need to be winterized with all three of these steps.

Turn off

-Clean, empty, and unplug the refrigerator, leaving the door slightly cracked to prevent mildew

-Main valves

-Consider shutting off gas/electricity for the season

-Check exterior faucets


-All light fixtures, countertop appliances, and electronic attachments.


-Water Heater

-Pipes. Attach a hose to the lowest point in the plumbing, blow out all water with an air compressor.

Your cottage is most likely home to many wonderful memories. Keep it in the family for generations with these crucial steps to home winterization. If you are curious about how to keep the same level of care for your primary residence, check out our tips for home winterization. Keep checking back to the Kratos Gas & Power blog for excellent lifestyle tips!