Fight Wintertime Dryness From The Inside Out

01 February, 2022



Does winter make you feel dry? You are not alone. Are you aware that winter is the most common season for dehydration? Sounds ludicrous, but it’s true. During the winter, we no longer have the heat as a reminder to drink! As humans, we need relatively the same amount of water intake to keep our internal functions working in tip-top shape, and our outside environment has a big factor in our external appearance as well. If you are tired of being parched, read on to learn the best ways to keep yourself hydrated throughout the coldest time of the year!

Skin Care

Your skin takes a beating during the winter months, and you can begin to notice dry, scaly patches. To remedy this, consider your skincare routine. Good old Vaseline has risen in popularity lately, the viral “slugging” technique showcases the sealant power of the gel. Vaseline creates a barrier between the environment and you, so when winds are high and temps are low, throw on a thin layer of Vaseline to help keep windburn to a minimum. Sunscreen is also a vital and forgotten tool during the winter months. UV exposure can dry out your skin, so lather up!

Joints and Muscles

Cold weather creates a stiff body. This stiffness can easily lead to achy bodies and progressive injuries over time. How do you prevent your winter body from locking up? The key is to keep muscles warm and synovial fluid in the joints! You can increase your synovial fluid by eating a healthy diet that is high in anti-inflammatory foods. And you can keep your muscles and joints strong by moderately exercising on a regular basis. Remember that movement can be medicine! The best way to be is consistent, keep your body moving will keep your joints hydrated and muscles strong.

Water Intake

One of the most basic needs is water. The Mayo Clinic suggests that a healthy adult needs about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day for men and about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women. A reminder that these do not include diuretics like coffee or soda, which actually have the opposite effect on your body. Keeping your organs hydrated helps to prevent falling ill through flu season as well!

Eat Your Fluids

A great way to meet your daily hydration intake is to eat foods with high water content. A few year-round standouts can be:


-skim milk



-broths and soup (great for cold weather!)

Staying hydrated from the inside out may feel a bit harder in the winter’s harsh conditions. But rest assured that warmer temps are on their way! Stay healthy for spring by following these easy tips, and keep checking back to Kratos Gas & Power’s blog for lifestyle guidance.