Upgrade Your Closet; For Any Budget

05 August, 2021

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Upgrading your closet can make getting dressed fun again! Beyond just the simple aesthetics there are several benefits to creating a more beautiful closet space. When upgrading your closet, you can expect a high return on investment (ROI). Typically, homeowners can expect to recoup up to 56% of their costs! That tacks directly on to the price tag of your home. Learn what other projects help increase your home’s value. There are also mental productivity benefits to a clean closet, believe it or not. Providing clarity, peace, and promoting quicker decision-making throughout the day. Sold on your closet upgrade? Good, because we have tips for every type of budget.


If you aren’t ready for the full investment of custom closets just yet, there are simple, cost-effective ways to create a well-organized space. 

-Declutter. This can have a huge impact on how you view your own space. If there are items spilling out from all sides, your cognitive processes can become clogged as well. Consider switching our your fall and summer wardrobes. By trimming down your closet, you’ll be able to really see what you need and what you don't.

-Matching hangers. This creates an excellent visual for the eye. You are not distracted by the different heights, textures, and sizes of your hangers. Once you have a uniform look, you’ll be able to access your items better.

-Use shoe racks. With wood shoe racks, you can create shelving in an instant. From above or below, you are able to add organizational spaces. These can be used for space for actual shoes, folded clothing, or even organizational boxes. Check out these excellent and cheap creative ideas! 

-Drawer Inserts. WIth drawers, smaller items can get easily lost, and become untidy quickly. Try for organized drawers with easy plastic inserts. For underthings, jewelry, socks, and more, this can keep your items in clear view.


A full closet re-haul will cost around $2,000 on average. This includes the design, materials, and installation. This option is excellent for homeowners without a background in DIY since the results are usually guaranteed by the closet company. If this option is still out of your price range but you still want to spend some coin upgrading your space, consider these options.

-Add a light fixture. Closets come pretty standardly with boring lights. Spruce up your closet space by adding a light feature that has a bit more elegance and drama. Between sconces and mini chandeliers, you can really make a statement as soon as you turn on the lights. 

-Install top row shelving. This can make a huge impact when it comes to storage and can be a great place for out of season or rarely used clothing. This DIY can be accomplished relatively easily for next to nothing. Check out this tutorial for more detailed info. 

-Cover wire racks with wood. This can also be a weekend project. By measuring and staining plywood you can easily cover unsightly wire racks with clean-cut wood panels. To create an overhang, you can choose to glue or nail for a perfect fit.

Closet makeovers may seem like a menial to-do when it comes to home redesign but they truly stand the test of time when it comes to returning on investment. When determining what to spruce up first in your home, consider this a top priority. Keep checking back with Kratos Gas & Power for more helpful home improvement tips.