Tips For Working From Home

26 October, 2020


Life Hacks,

Keeping your wits about you will be extremely important in the upcoming weeks. Some are now forced into roles that we may have not imagined. Working from home, distancing from friends, homeschooling. Without much notice or direction, what is one to do? This series of blog posts will break down some tips and help create a plan for these uncertain waters.

Keep your routine

When working from home, it can be hard to find motivation. By keeping your routine similar to your everyday life, your mind responds to habit. Focus and determination can follow after your cup of coffee and morning workout. 

Continue to speak regularly with co-workers. 

When working from home, you can feel somewhat isolated in whatever environment you are in. The lack of communication from the outside world can make us feel very alone. Even if you thought Janet’s stories about her pets were unbearable; they are very much ingrained in your everyday life. Reach out, send funny memes and anecdotes. Zoom does not have to be just for meetings. Building a strong sense of community within your alternative workplace and for afterwards when you return to the office.

Log Out Of SM

Try to make it harder to stray into social media sites. Log out of all personal SM accounts on your phone and workspace. Without constant notifications, workflow will be uninterrupted; allowing you to get more done in longer stretches. 

Use Sound to Motivate not Distract

Listening to podcasts, audiobooks, or rewatching the Office might seem like a fun idea, but these all compete with your focus necessary for work. Try listening to non-lyrical music styles like classical or ambient. These can encourage thoughts to form as opposed to minds wandering. 

Save chores for breaks or after work

When working from home, there is a huge temptation to try and simultaneously get household chores done as well. What harm is there in stopping mid proposal to switch the laundry? What this does is stops the chain of concentration. Try to save doing these chores for when you would naturally stop for a break at work. Chores can be an excellent way to get movement in; but make sure you are timing them as you would any other break. Remember that you will have more time in your day than usual because you are no longer having to factor in commute to your routine. The chores will get done and you’ll have plenty of time for Netflix.

We sincerely hope that during this time, everyone is staying safe and healthy. Continue to follow the Kratos Gas and Power blog for more tips relating to changes in everyday life because of COVID19.