The Rewards Of Upgrading Your Appliance

02 September, 2020


Household appliances are one of the perks of the modern age. Gone are ice-boxes, line-drying, and hand washing. Now we have convenience at our fingertips! With such advances in technology, upgrading your appliance may seem like a no-brainer. You may be on the flip side of the coin, dragging your heels in the past and claiming that your current appliance is just fine. Learn the pros and cons of each of these positions in our helpful article.


 Upgrading your appliances is not always about getting the best and brightest. We aren’t promoting the camp out in front of Maytag for the latest drop! Upgrading your appliance is about purchasing the most efficient model possible to save you the most money when doing your everyday chores around the house. Here are a few timelines to remember:


Dishwasher- 5-10 years. Are your dishes just not as clean anymore? Maybe they aren’t even hot. If you notice water leakage, rust, or cracks those are warning signs that your dishwasher needs replacing. 

Dryer- 10-13 years. Has your dryer caught fire? Is there a weird smell? Perhaps your clothes aren’t feeling as nice as they once did. Save your threads and upgrade.

Fridge-8-15 years. If you have quickly spoiled food, hot spots in the back of the fridge, or you notice it running “loud”, you most likely need a new refrigerator.

A/C Unit- 15-20 years. Depending on the use of your unit, Florida compared to Alaska, you might get two decades out of a unit. 


 Sometimes, you don’t need to upgrade your appliance. The cost to reward ratio doesn’t always justify the trip to Home Depot. Think about the cost of the new appliance. If the repair rate you were quoted is less than 50% of the cost of a new one, follow through with the repair. Ask how long this fix will last. Are you going to have to do it again within a year? This might tip the scales in favor of a new appliance.



 You might not think of natural gas when you are thinking about your appliances. Did you know that switching to natural gas appliances can save the average household over $1,000 a year? This means you can do your dishes, wash your clothes, heat AND cool your house using the amazing low rate of natural gas. It’s not just for cooking anymore! Be sure to check out the competitively low rates that Kratos Gas offers to Michigan residents today



 Most modern appliances offer a warranty. Be sure that you check it when something is malfunctioning or has broken. Usually if it is within a certain time frame, this cost will be covered and not out of your pocket, whew.


When it comes to upgrading your appliance, always consider the cost to reward ratio. You want to wisely spend your money, and invest it towards the future. This means buying when it’s time, not before. And choosing an energy efficient model when you do. 



 There is a valid argument for holding on to old appliances; you want to reduce the waste you put out into the world. This is a noble reason but appliances can be recycled relatively easily. Several different utility companies will pick up and recycle your appliance, at not cost to you! Check out our link for who is in your area.


Upgrading your appliance should be a well-informed decision. And with all the knowledge you’ve gained from this short article, you are now a smart buyer! Keep checking back to the Kratos Gas & Power blog for great home-owning and money-saving tips year round.