Be The Toast of Your Tailgate

30 September, 2021



College football holds a special place in most Michigan homes. From the rivalry of Michigan vs. Michigan State, to family recipes handed down throughout the years, this seasonal activity comes with a secondary tradition, tailgating. Despite the cooler temps, many still brave the outdoors for the special Saturday hangout. Others retire to the comfort of their couch. How do you tailgate? We have tips on how to create the perfect tailgate of your own, indoors or out.


Check the weather-Try to stay fluid with plans, Michigan weather is notorious for being tricky, you don’t want to get caught out in the rain, literally. Having a pop-up tent is a great way to mitigate the risks of inclement weather. These can easily protect against drizzles, add wind protection, and create a landmark for those joining in your celebration in the sea of people. 

Bring a heating source- To ensure delicious snacks, be sure you have a heating source at hand. Insulated dishes are great, but will quickly lose their heat in the outdoor air. Consider bringing a crockpot or two, a propane camping stove, or even a fold-up grill. Aluminum pans and tinfoil are a great way to protect the food while heating up your offerings. To power you through, a natural gas generator can really do the trick!

Layer up- Warm-blooded Michigaians often believe that they are immune to the cold, and with a few beverages, they can be found in even the most frigid of temps. The effects of alcohol are actually the opposite, your body has a harder time regulating the external temperature, leaving you susceptible to frostbite, shock, or worse. Be sure to have options to cover your extremities. Blankets, hats, scarves, all help to cover up body locations that leak heat quickly from the body. Always stay hydrated, even when you aren’t sweating or hot!

Non-Breakable- Think of using non-breakable materials when tailgating outdoors. No one wants glass or porcelain shards around them while enjoying their game day. Cans over bottles, recyclable over grandma’s dishes. This will make cleanup easier as well. Aluminum does a great job of shrinking when crushed!


Shoes off- If you aren’t already a shoes-off household, it is time to become one. This will make your clean-up after a big tailgate much easier. Not to mention your house stays sanitary. Shoes track 66 million units of bacteria. That’s way more than a toilet seat! To keep cold and flu season out of your family, be sure to leave those kicks at the door!

Create a flow- You won’t want people tramping through your home, or looking through cabinets and drawers for necessary items. Create the main space for drinks and food that is conducive to people moving about. Consider your dining room table, remove the chairs, and this area can easily be worked around as your party-goers flock to the snacks and libations. Place a covered trash can nearby for easy disposal.

Enough grub-An easy way to make sure there is enough food for all your guests is the one lb. rule. In whatever variety you enjoy, just roughly have about one pound of food per guest. This should give you plenty of leeways, but it won’t leave you with a fridge full of leftovers. 

We hope that we’ve eased some of your tailgating jitters. With these tips, you will be the toast of the tailgate! Most importantly, drink responsibly and celebrate safely. Keep checking back to the KRatos Gas & Power blog for more lifestyle tips!