3 Sustainable Home Upgrades For Any Homeowner

11 June, 2021

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Home improvements can be inciting for any homeowner, not only do you beautify your space, but you can also add value to your home. Are you interested in upgrading your space with large projects, a new coat of paint, or even a new statement piece? Before you run to large, chain home goods stores, have you thought of how these upgrades affect the planet? Perhaps you’ve heard of a circular economy, in which waste is eliminated by refurbishing and reusing much of what is produced. Have you considered this sustainable model for your home improvements? The perks of going green go beyond saving the planet; you can also save some serious cash! Learn 3 clever ways to pick more sustainable home upgrades.

Buy Second-Life Furniture

Thrift stores have had a massive rise and popularity, for the better of all. Not only do you have access to snag great deals but you also help eliminate waste that ends up in landfills. Several platforms like Facebook marketplace and Letgo make it easy to find items that are nearby. Often, these items are free! The more furniture that's kept out of landfills the better, Americans, on average, throw over 12 million tons of furniture away each year.

Recycled Paint

A relatively unknown process to homeowners, recycling paint is actually a great way to keep toxic materials out of groundwater. All of those half-filled containers can be recycled and restored into new paints. You're also able to buy these paints anywhere that paint is sold including Amazon! In turn, if you have gallons of paint hanging around and taking up space in your garage, there are plenty of recycling plants that will take them. Find a dropoff location near you! 

Alternative Hardwoods

When redoing wood floors consider options that go beyond your traditional oak or cherry wood. Consider bamboo instead. Bamboo has the thickness and durability needed to stand up in everyday use. The most important difference between materials is the amount of time and resources that each needs to reach their maturity point. Bamboo can take as little as 5 years, compared to 30 years for oak. This means forests can be replenished quickly for more home projects while not sacrificing the life-saving oxygen that plants give out. With bamboo’s beautiful coloring and gradient, you will not be sacrificing style when making this sustainable home upgrade.

An additional sustainable home upgrade would be installing gas for your stove. By switching over to natural gas most households saved upwards of $600 a year. Not only have you made a better choice for the planet, but also for your budget. Kratos Gas & Power offers reliable natural gas service with incredibly competitive rates. Be sure to check out how we can help you today! Continue to check back to the Kratos Gas & Power blog for more lifestyle tips.