Summer Safety Made Easy

26 October, 2020


Life Hacks,

Summer in Michigan may be winding down, but with Labor Day on the horizon, we wanted to create a bang up list of how to stay safe in any situation you may find yourself. Summer safety pertains to many different celebration ideas in a lot of different ways, so let's breeze over these points to remember!

Food Safety

BBQs and summer go hand in hand. Something about cooked food and cool nights that seems like a marriage made in heaven. But, before you have several of your friends and family over, brush up on your food safety. Internal temperatures for cooked meats need to reach at least 145 degrees for pork, fish, and beef, and 165 degrees for chicken. Cold food needs its own attention as well. For food safety, cold foods should not sit out for more than 4 hours and should not rise above 40 degrees. Consider these cold-bowls for entertaining made easier.  A food thermometer is a simple and useful tool that will only set you back a few dollars. Make sure you stock up when buying the dogs and buns!

Water Safety

In Michigan there are plenty of places to enjoy fresh water. Lakes and rivers are dotted across the state. But, are you aware of the proper safety techniques you need to keep you and your loved ones safe? Be sure to test your skills before entering deeper water. You might not know year to year where your fitness levels lie. For those younger, be sure to keep a floatation device strapped on and an adult nearby. Whenever possible, be sure to swim in an area that has a lifeguard and never swim alone or at night. Staying hydrated is also water safety! Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are easily avoidable by following a few personal irrigation tips

Tick Safety

With all the added outdoor activity, Michigan’s forests and parks have been seeing more visitors than usual. And during tick season, that can be a dangerous combination. Not only do these parasites latch on to humans, but animals as well. Be hypervigilant when you are hiking or in tall grass. Be sure to wear light colored clothing, this helps you see a miserable tick on your body much easier. After your outdoor adventure, check everyone in your party, disrobe and check every inch of skin, including your scalp! You do not want to feel the effects of these insects! They can lead to Lyme disease, fever, and in extreme cases, paralysis. 

Fire Safety

Bonfires are a great way to spend a chilly summer evening in Michigan. Are you up to date on what you need before starting one? Make sure you have a usable fire extinguisher. Your local fire department should be able to check your model to see if it is in good working order. When building a bonfire, clear your area free of potential tinder, like dry grass or cardboard boxes (i.e. beer cases). Make sure people are seated or standing at least 10 feet away from the fire. All kids and pets should be well monitored throughout the duration of the fire.

Summer safety doesn’t have to be a snooze fest, you can have fun safely! Enjoying your favorite summer activities to the fullest without any fear of bad times to follow. We hope all our readers have a lovely, safe holiday weekend.