Why Natural Gas In The Summer Makes Sense

26 October, 2020

Natural Gas,

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When thinking of natural gas, you often think about heat. The blue flame, that warm feeling. When weathering the storm of a Michigan winter, you need to have a reliable resource for heat. Long into Spring you will need to have a natural gas supply you can count on, seeing as snow flurries crept into May this year (BOO!). But natural gas in the summer? Do you even need it? We, the experts, will explain why you need your natural gas service throughout the year, and why you can save money during the summer by following our tips.

Keep Your Natural Gas In The Summer

Some may consider shutting off their service in the summer. Thinking they no longer need heating because of the warmer temperatures. This is a mistake. Throughout the year, Michigan weather will keep you on your toes. There will be cold snaps and unpredictable dips in temperature. If you disconnect your service you might have to wait days, especially on the weekends or holidays, for your gas connection to be up and running. You will also be responsible for a reconnection fee, which can run up to 75$! 

Switch to a Variable Rate Supplier

Michigan is a deregulated state for energy, which means power shifts into the customer’s hands. You get to decide which company supplies your utilities and that leads to competition in the industry. Kratos Gas & Power offers a variable rate when it comes to natural gas service, this means your price fluctuates throughout the year; getting cheaper when the price of gas is lower. Natural gas in the summer runs relatively cheaper than the rest of the year, and if you are stuck in a fixed rate plan, you continue to pay the same high premium that you would during the winter as well. Wouldn’t you like to save that money for a summer vacation instead? Check out our rates today. 

Grab A Gas Powered Air Conditioner

Surprising? Shouldn’t be. Most household appliances have a natural gas option, and an A/C unit is no exception. Lately, the low cost of natural gas competes with rising electricity charges! With the ever increasing stress on the electrical grid; think of all those fans, air conditioners, pool pumps, etc, that are on during the summer, you won’t want to take a chance being without proper cooling in your home in case of a black out! That’s right, a natural gas powered A/C unit is able to keep you comfortable in case of a power outage. Another reason why natural gas in the summer is a smart choice.

Natural gas is a resource that can be used throughout all seasons in Michigan. With the gorgeous weather of summer right around the corner, switch now to save money and to stay cool! You’ll be able to relax much easier knowing you made the right utility choice with Kratos Gas.