Cheap Tricks To Stay Cool This Summer

09 July, 2021


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Saving money on your utilities during the summer can help to put you in a good place for the upcoming winter months. You may not want to think about those brutal temperatures or high bills just yet, but let's tackle a very manageable season, summer! Now summer is not without its challenges, (heat waves anyone?) but you can use your brain and these tips to work smarter not harder during these long summer days. Staying cool keeps the summer fun rolling without any unnecessary interruption. 

Switch to a variable rate

Don’t sweat over making ends meet, save money this summer! Your natural gas bill doesn’t have to stay at a high fixed price. The set pricing model that many companies employ is padded to ensure they are making a large profit throughout the year, it doesn’t actually reflect what the market is currently trading at and essentially what the actual price of natural gas is! With a variable rate, we send along with the savings to our customers. As you can imagine, gas is a bit cheaper during the summer, with less demand, therefore your bill will reflect these facts. Be sure to check Kratos Gas & Power for the current low rates we offer. 

Dampen your curtains

This method is a great solution if you enjoy leaving windows open throughout the summer. A light mist of water on your window treatments can generate a cool breeze circulating throughout your living areas. Be sure to close windows in rooms that are not in use and fully dry curtains out every day, this will cut down on any chances for mold or mildew buildup.  

Cool down from the inside out

A great way to save money on cooling is to start with the body first. There are several all-natural methods that can help start the cold front from the inside out.

-Drink peppermint tea. Menthol has a cooling effect we are all very aware of, utilize it to cool yourself down.

-Eat spicy foods. This might feel like opposing advice, but the capsicum heats your body temperature up, while your skin produces sweat to compensate. After the moisture wicks away, you are left feeling cooler, and your internal temp actually drops!

-Take Vitamin C. It contains ascorbic acid, which helps your sweat glands function. 

-Place ice on pressure points like your wrists or behind the ears.

-Stay hydrated. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, especially during mid-day, the hottest time of day, for these drinks are diuretics that can quickly deplete your energy and hydration stores. We cannot stress the importance of staying well hydrated, learn more on how to stay properly hydrated during the hotter months.

Summer heat doesn’t have to get the best of your household, these simple tips can all be easily implemented! Remember to always work smarter and not harder to have an enjoyable life. Kratos Gas & Power has tips for the savvy homeowner like you, keep checking back!