Save Money On Holiday Shopping

26 October, 2020

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Christmas has been celebrated on December 25th since as early as 336! For years the cold and dark winters became a little more bearable with rich foods and family gatherings. We had something to look forward to, bringing fir trees into our homes and decorating, with hope that Spring would bring a healthy harvest. The modern day Christmas has no real resemblance to that of seasons passed, with decadence winning over more quaint celebrations. The average family is projected to spend over $1,000 in 2019. With all this undue pressure to keep up with the Jones’, how can you stay within budget this holiday? 

For Young Kids

With young children, the temptation to overspend is high. You love the way their eyes light up after each new package they open up. But a practical mindset can save you hundreds this Christmas. Children begin to build long term memories as early as two years old, but these memories often do not last past the age of six. This means that even if you do get every single item on their wish list, kids won’t remember that gesture. A few ways to save money on Christmas without being a scrooge would be to:

-Wrap toys they already own. Take a few toys that won’t be easily missed, wrap and store these presents for a few months before the big day.

-Make experiences the gift. Create a day for your children. Hiking, ice-skating, candy-making, etc. You can present these as adventures!

-Advent gift-giving. 12 or 25 days of Christmas might seem like more work than less, but you can actually save money in the long run and keep the Christmas spirit rolling for longer. Small gifts like socks or pjs can be wrapped and opened once per day. This is a great way for kids to enjoy each gift, as opposed to the overwhelming pile they might get on December 25th. 

For Older Kids

As children mature, so do their tastes. Trendy items can hold hefty price tags when it comes to teen fashion. A few ways to save money when your recipient is of a certain age:

-start to have a conversation about how they can give back. Helping kids clean out their closets and gadgets can bring awareness to  how fortunate they truly may be. Dropping off clothes can be a rewarding experience for all families. 

-gift cards can be an easy way for kids of this age to feel independent without you breaking the bank. They are now tasked with the choice of how and where they want to spend money. This can also be a great lesson in how to budget money. Here is a breakdown of the best gift cards with the greatest discount for buyers .

-buy used. Tons of great sites are now goldmines for thrift minded shoppers. Let go, Thred up, and even Facebook marketplace connect sellers to buyers. Find great deals on name brand items, often brand new, for a fraction of the price.

There are plenty of ways to be thrifty during the holidays. Don’t weigh the worth of your holiday against the weight of your wallet. The memories that last are long hugs, cozy times, and laughter. Kratos Gas & Power has consistently low natural gas rates for any heating needs this winter. Our blog also has great ways to save money on your utility bill in the next polar months. We wish you all the best during the upcoming holiday season.