Places To See In Ann Arbor

26 October, 2020

Michigan is a very special place. A peninsula surrounded by 84% of the Earth’s fresh water supply. With dense forests and beautiful wildlife, there is plenty to see for residents and visitors alike. The cities hold just as much beauty and history, with Ann Arbor being one of the go-to cities. From the hallowed halls of the university to the best deli in Michigan, we will break down the must see locations in this 200 year old city.


Located in the Old Fourth Ward, Kerrytown offers a quaint place to stroll and shop. With unique shops, one can sample gourmet oils and vinegars, admire sculpture and paintings from local artists, or buy unique jewelry in different boutiques. A lovely farmer’s market is held throughout the week, check the schedule here, where you can enjoy seasonal offerings from farms around the state. If you can, snag something cherry related, Michigan is well known for these delicious tree fruits. After your stroll make sure to check out the most famous restaurant in the area . . . 

Zingerman’s Deli

This deli is a must-try, when walking through the doors you may feel overwhelmed. The two-story deli functions as a take-away as well as a sit-down restaurant. Cured meats hang from the ceiling, fresh baked bread permeates your nostrils and heaps of cold salads enter your eye line. Our suggestion to navigate this behemoth? Take your time. Wander around, check our what people are eating and ordering. They give samples if you are lucky. Once you order, wander the isles, they are filled with fantastic jarred items. Believe it when we say our mouths are watering thinking about a Zingerman’s sammie. 

The University of Michigan 

Also known as UofM, this university was founded over 200 years ago, before Michigan was even a state! (Michigania was known only as a territory until 20 years later.) Prestige has grown over the decades, with U-M Business and Law schools being highly sought after degrees. Strolling the campus will give you a sense of history, large scale stone buildings and beautiful old trees. Along with their gorgeous campus, UofM is home to the largest college football stadium in the nation. Affectionately nick-named “Big Blue”, it has the official capacity of 107,601! The roar of the fans is overwhelming and the energy infectious when you see a game here.