Natural Gas Throughout The Years

09 April, 2021

Natural Gas,

We, Kratos Gas & Power, have natural gas as our passion. We realize that perhaps this passion is not yet shared by the general public. It could be because it's such a utilitarian item, you’ve heard about it most of your life but never cared to dip deep into it. Energy isn’t always interesting. It could be because you don’t know the depths and levels that natural gas has. Well, we are here to change all that! You’ll learn a brief history, its many uses, and why natural gas is an integral part of your life. 


Natural gas was discovered around 1000 B.C., where a flame was lit from the ground in Greece. It was used in everyday life as early as 500 B.C. when Chinese farmers would use bamboo pipelines to light gas flames and boil water for safe drinking. America came around to natural gas usage as early as 1626 when Native Americans were discovered lighting gas released around the edges of Lake Erie. Natural gas was eventually used as a light source, with gas lamps lining streets and the indoors of houses. In the early 1900s gas pipelines began making their way across the country in order to service industries and communities.


In the early days of natural gas heating, the United States Government held a monopoly over the distribution and sale of this commodity. With the fear that governmental control could lead to the abuse of power and expensive bills for citizens, the Natural Gas Act was passed. But this still held heavy regulations on who could sell what in various states. Later in the 1980s, after blackouts and shortages, the natural gas market opened up more, allowed private companies to compete, and helped to lower prices overall. 

Natural Gas in Everyday Life

Natural gas is used in many facets of life. Heating comes to mind immediately because natural gas is long heralded as the cleanest burning fossil fuel. That means no odd smell while you enjoy the fire or cook your food. Did you know that the “rotten egg smell” is actually an additive that is included to help detect natural gas leaks in the home? Natural gas is also used in cooking, those flashy videos of top chefs sauteeing veggies or giant woks making delicious meals are all possible because of the reliability and consistency of gas. Cooking with an electric stovetop leads to uneven cooks, burnt food, and worse! Beyond the household uses of natural gas, this natural resource is used in transportation, vehicles of all kinds can now run on natural gas! It is used in the production of fertilizers, clothing, and even plastic! It is truly a malleable and incredible resource.

Kratos Gas and Power constantly aims to use this resource, the rich history, and the open market, in order to service its customers time and time again. We find and deliver some of the lowest prices on the market in order to save the average household hundreds of dollars a year! We believe in our company, our product, and most importantly, you! You hold the power of your choice; take advantage of deregulation and make the switch today!