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3 DIYs For Any Skill Level and 1 No One Should Attempt

30 April, 2021

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Do it yourself, or DIY has become more accessible and desirable in recent years. Thanks to an entire network dedicated to it as well as countless vloggers, this information and know-how have permeated our culture. Technavio predicts that this industry will top 13.9 billion in 2021! It makes sense; with more time at home and the urge to save money, doing it ourselves has a powerful draw. As more homeowners turn to tackle projects on their own, you should be aware of some excellent and easy-to-tackle tasks, as well as ones to leave to the professionals! 

Designer Coffee

Let’s start with an easy one, your daily cup of coffee. The average American spends over $1,000 dollars a year on coffee, are you one of them? When you make your coffee at home, you save time and money which really adds up. You may think that there is no way to replicate your order, but there are gadgets abound when it comes to jazzing up your at-home coffee. 

Want some tasty, frothy topping? Check out a coffee frother. These are great for those who want a milk substitute as well!

Flavor syrups can create amazing flavors. Think peppermint, pumpkin, cherry pie, the only limitation is your imagination!

Cold-brew. This drink is perfect for making that afternoon refresher. Easily made by simply soaking coffee overnight. This powerful punch is sure to wake you up at any time of day!

Low Flow Plumbing

This is a surprisingly easy, sustainable, and cost-efficient swap in your household. By installing low-flow fixtures like sinks and showerheads. Normal households can expect to save up to 30% in water costs after the switch! Showerheads can be changed within minutes and for your faucets, look into low-flow aerators.


Is your bathtub or sink looking dingy? Unsightly mold can buildup along the edging over time and make your bathroom look unappealing. This is an easy DIY that can be done over a weekend. Removing the old caulk takes a bit of sweat equity, but all you need is a razorblade and a cleaning product. After applying, the caulk usually needs only 48 hours to cure and you are back in business!

Now, this is the number one DIY that you should not attempt! Electrical work.

This includes installing a new light fixture, replacing electrical panels, or removing an outlet panel. These tasks require training, special equipment, and experience. A homeowner should not try these fixes because of the heightened risk of injury. Use a licensed professional every time when needing electrical work in your home.

We hope that these tips gave you the inspiration to try your own DIYs! Remember that the Kratos Gas & Power blog is updated weekly with new ways to save money!