Michigan Christmas Events 2019

26 October, 2020

Life Hacks,

The holiday season is a train that keeps on chugging. It seems like every week holds more parties, get-togethers, and cookie exchanges. Mulled wine flows, presents arrive and get wrapped. Have you begun celebrating yet? Maybe you are looking for an extra special event to take your loved ones to! We have a list of a few excellent events that will satisfy all types of celebraters. 

Sparkle In The Park

This display is one for the record books. With over 60,000 lights on display in 50 different ways, this light show is open from Thanksgiving through New Year’s day. Located in Bear Lake’s lakeside Hopkins Park. This event is completely free, with donations encouraged to help maintain and grow the display for years to come. This Saturday, the 21st, carriage rides will also be available in the park!

Walk Of Trees

This event is a great way to get some winter exercise and appreciate nature. Located in Kellogg Park, 75 trees are individually decorated by participating families, businesses, or clubs. This display is open 24 hours and free to the public until the New Year! This weekend Santa will be greeting families upon arrival!

Santa’s Magic Forest

This wonderland seems right out of a movie. In Taylor, anyone can enjoy this winter delight for only $3, which goes directly to Fish & Loaves Community Food Pantry. This display is indoors, so even when it gets blustery outside, you can still enjoy the view. Animated characters, Christmas displays and light shows are all included in the entry fee. Open this weekend from 1-7pm, be sure to check it out before the holiday is over!

Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village

The priciest option on our list, we think this celebration is well worth it. It is hailed as one of the top Christmas options in the entire United States! The Greenfield Village display is turning 20 this year and many Michiganders look forward to it. Think of an entire town, dressed to the nines with holiday cheer. With 80 acres, participants are treated to live reindeer, ice skating, and staff dressed in full period attire. There are restaurants, bars, and Santa to keep everyone busy and happy. They even offer sensory friendly options so that everyone can enjoy the holiday spirit. Open for the next two weekends it is a must-see!

Don’t be a Scrooge this holiday season, partake and enjoy! There is something for everyone to be happy about in these next few weeks so we at Kratos Gas & Power hope that you find your cheer!