Enjoy A Low Maintenance Lawn This Spring

14 April, 2021

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Having a beautiful yard can equal hours of upkeep. Are you prepared to weed, mulch, spray, and plant every week to maintain such incredible exterior landscaping? This is common with many households for various reasons. You may be a family with young children, travel, for work, or without the physical means for the demanding labor. Whatever it is, do not despair. We have several tips for creating a low-maintenance lawn, one that will keep you happy and healthy.

A low-maintenance lawn can have several benefits. Not only are you saving some sweat equity, the toil on your hands and body, but you can also save resources and money. Letting go of having a perfectly manicured lawn can save tons of water. The average lawn uses about 62 gallons of water a day! Combine that with this unfortunate statistic; 50% of lawn irrigation is wasted due to improper placement! Letting money flow right down the drain. Having a low maintenance lawn also reduces the need for fertilizer, which remains a somewhat controversial subject when it comes to helping or hurting the Earth. The long-term effects of store-bought fertilizer have been proven harmful to the water resources of an area. Convinced to convert? Learn what you can replace your normal lawn with to lessen your weekend weeding load.


With a low-maintenance lawn, you can still enjoy the grass. There are several types that do not need as much attention as other species. 

Fescue grass only needs to be mowed about once a month. It is also drought-tolerant and will stay green throughout the growing season.

Buffalograss is a tough variety of grass that grows all over the U.S. as well as into Canada. Its ability to resist the cold and frost makes it a great candidate for Michigan lawns.

Western Wheatgrass only grows to a maximum of two feet. That means even if you do neglect this household chore, your lawn won’t be a jungle anytime soon.


There are several groundcover plants that do well as lawn alternatives that can be pollinators, beautiful, and soft. Consider:

Red creeping thyme can tolerate light foot traffic, so homes with pets please advise. A beautiful and fragrant flower that can add a touch to any lawn.

Clover is a valuable addition to your soil’s health. When clover decomposes, it redistributes trace minerals, keeping all your other plants healthy and happy.

Chamomile is the most high maintenance in this roundup but it can offer medicinal benefits! Chamomile tea is an excellent source for lowering blood sugar, reducing stress, and natural sleep aid.

Remember that having a low-maintenance lawn is not for everyone. It will not have the same look as most of the block. But ultimately doing what is right for your time, ability, and budget is best! Who knows, you may start a trend! Checking back to the Kratos Gas and Power blog frequently will keep you in the know when it comes to homeownership, lifestyle tips, and money-saving ideas!