What Should I Know About Natural Gas?

23 February, 2022

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How do you heat your home? Almost one-quarter of Americans use natural gas. This reliable, cost-effective energy source is one of the cleanest fuels that one can employ.  Many home dwellers have natural gas to heat their spaces, but what do you really know about this particular energy service? We give you a rundown of what you should know, why it matters and how you can use it to your advantage!

Where does natural gas come from?

Natural gas was discovered in China around 500 B.C. When village residents used the underground vapor to cook their food and boil seawater. The Americas used natural gas to light the street lamps at night. And it was eventually adopted in the early 1800s as a household heating source. Natural gas is a fossil fuel, deep beneath layers of dirt, sand, and stone. Created from hundreds of years of pressure, drilling allows this natural resource to be gathered and refined.

What is natural gas made of?

Natural gas is a conglomeration of 4 naturally occurring gasses. Methane, which makes up 70-90% of natural gas along with ethane, butane and propane. An interesting fact about natural gas is that it is actually odorless and colorless! That rotten egg smell that is often associated with natural gas is an additive meant to help detection. This signals to home owners there is a potential leak nearby.

What do you use natural gas for?

Natural gas can be used in many parts of the home. Heating is one of the biggest and most common uses in a home but natural gas can also extend to other areas of the home. 

Kitchen- Cooking with natural gas is widely preferred by professional chefs around the world, so why not use it to your advantage in your own space? Natural gas cooking is faster because heat surrounds the pan. Cooking with gas is also safer since there are no leftover heat conductors that need time to cool down!

Laundry- Natural gas dryers have existed for years but aren’t as widely used as their electric counterparts. Utilize your competitive natural gas rate and double up on the savings! 

What kind of gas plans are there?

When signing up for natural gas it is very dependent on the state in which you live. Michigan is a deregulated state, which means that you are not obligated to get your energy supply from solely the utility. It frees up your choice, and makes the market competitive, leading to lower prices for the consumer! Companies offer two plan structures, fixed and variable. Fixed rates are the same price, consistently every month for your entire year. While variable rate plans can fluctuate. The change in price depends on the market, during colder months demand is high, while the opposite runs true while in the warmer seasons. Kratos Gas & Power offers a variable rate plan that often saves households hundreds of dollars a year! Have you checked out our rates recently?

Natural gas is one of the cleanest fuels for household energy supply and provides millions of homes with a reliable source of heating, cooling, cooking, and more! Always stay informed of clever ways to save money by checking back to our lifestyle blog!