Shop Smart: Sales In June To Capitalize On

26 October, 2020

Save Money,

Have you ever heard the term, “You have to spend money to make money?” Well we are saying, you have to spend money to SAVE money. That’s what we are promising you! Did you know that buying certain items during specific times of the year can actually save you money long term? It might seem like sales come and go but there are actually months in the year where you should LEAP to grab that deal. We are going to run down some awesome sales in June to capitalize on. 

Spring and Summer Clothing

Surprisingly and luckily, this is considered the “end” of the spring season. That means retailers are trying to clear out their stock for more summer and fall gear getting ready to hit the shelves. Capitalize on this and grab all the shorts and tanks you need to survive the summer heat! 

Variable Rate Gas Plan

Now, this is a year-round deal, but signing up for natural gas in the summer can net you some major savings long term. Most forget about their natural gas service until the cooler fall temperatures when the rate starts to skyrocket. But, a variable rate fluctuates with the need for natural gas. This can save you cash on utility bills and more for those sandals and time at the beach! Check out Kratos Gas & Power for excellent competitive rates!

Tools and Paint

All this time at home has most of us looking around at what home improvements we can DIY. And lucky for us this is also the perfect time for stocking up on all those goods you need to bring them to life! Because Father’s Day occurs this month, there are great sales in June on renovation supplies. Try window shopping for the first week and see what sales spring up closer to the holiday!

Camping Gear

Camping in Michigan summers can be sublime. A great activity for couples, families, and those looking to just get away from the grind, you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors and weather that Michigan has to offer. Time to upgrade your tent, buy that new camping stove, and find a comfortable chair. This is the month to find your outdoorsy side.

Saving money feels hard but online shopping seems fun. So why don’t you merge the two and feel good about it in the process? You can buy these useful and functional items and know with assurance that you got the best price possible! Shop smart and shop these sales in June to ultimately save money long term. Keep checking back to see our money saving tips on the Kratos Gas blog.