4 Ideas to Upgrade Your Backyard

26 October, 2020

Home Owners,


Spending more time at home doesn’t have to feel like you're missing out on the fun. There are excellent ways to upgrade your backyard into a fun and functional place to keep all ages occupied through the next upcoming weeks. Learn how to take advantage of the beautiful Michigan summers and enjoy the outdoors.

Movie Theater

Watching a movie outdoors with the crisp air can be a magical experience for anyone. Upgrade your backyard and create this magic for yourself. A relatively cheap and fast one-day project that will bring you joy for as long as the weather allows. 

-Find a good place to sit. You want level-ish ground without anything blocking your line of sight. 

-Find or build a screen support. Trees, posts, fences, or even the side of your house can all do the trick. Your screen can be made out of a tightly bound sheet, or upgrade to a screen stand combo

-Create your projector. Buying one is of course, the easiest step. But anyone with a smart phone and a shoebox can make a decent projector for movie night. Check out this tutorial to make your own. 

Outdoor Gym

Working out can be an excellent release of endorphins, coupled with fresh air and sunshine, it's not only a great mood boost but integral in keeping yourself healthy. Create your own outdoor gym with a few changes.

-A bench. This can be used for incline/decline pushups, explosive jump work, and even targeted core work. Make sure that it is sturdy and won’t move while you use it, ensuring zero faceplants. 

-A pull-up bar. By cementing two posts in your yard and purchasing a pull-up bar, you are ready to work chest and arms. In addition this is a great way to use gravity against you as you do sit-ups.

-Have a sand pit. This doesn’t need to be particularly large, but sand is an excellent way to up the gradient in your workouts. Sprints from this position force your muscles to work harder, as well as moves like burpees or squat thrusts. 


A garden is a beautiful feature that can upgrade any backyard, whether you are hoping to grow flowers or food. Any backyard can have a garden, even small herb boxes. After you decide a space for your plants, be sure to look here, to find out what Plant Michigan suggests for the zone you are in. This will help you decide what to plant for the sunlight exposure, planting zone, and time of year. 

Fire Pit

This might already be a staple in your Michigan summer. Outdoor fires are a great way to stay warm and to enjoy the night sky. 

-For DIY firepits, you can use cinder blocks, bricks, or pavers to create your foundation. 

-If you don’t feel comfortable creating your own, there are many places to purchase a relatively inexpensive and sturdy one.

-Upgrading your fire pit can be a fun project as well. Consider fireglass, which creates a gorgeous setting for your fire to burn. Add some landscaping around the fringes to create a coming atmosphere. Citronella, marigolds, and lemon balm are all natural mosquito repellants and an excellent companion to your pit. 

Make your lighting special. Adding tiki torches, string lights, and lanterns can be beautiful options for any space.

Spending time at home can be challenging for those who like new experiences and activities. Try these simple ideas to upgrade your backyard and enjoy your homestead that much more.