The Informed Way To Heat Your Home

16 October, 2020

Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own home. After long days at work, errand running, or whatever else that takes us away from our own personal sanctuary. Pillows arranged, lighting just-so, and the dwelling at the perfect temperature. As fall quickly sets in, the cooler temperatures begin to affect your own home. When is the correct time to turn on your heat? Over 90% of homes in the United States are expected to have higher heating costs than last year. There is a delicate dance between holding out to save money and protecting the integrity of your pipes. We will breakdown when is the best time to turn on your heat. 

Heat Steadily, Not Suddenly

The first frost might prompt us to immediately run to the thermostat. This could be a costly mistake. HVAC systems heat up at the same rate and do much better when you slowly and steadily raise the internal temperature of your home. This is why it is smart to wait until the weather’s temperature settles into lower numbers for longer times. If you fiddle with the temperature from morning to night, your system goes into a money sucking cycle. 

Regulate Your Heating Needs

Once the temperatures are consistently low in your homestead, turn on the heat to a low setting, this can be around 60-68 degrees. This will help keep your pipes lucid, without breaking the bank. A smart home-heater hopes to prevent any lasting damage to the structure of their home. There are unpredictable weather patterns throughout the day and keeping your heat on, but regulated, will cover all bases. 

Alternative Options For Heat

Alternative options for keeping your house warm are excellent for saving money and becoming a greener consumer. We have a few low cost options for every size of household.

-Personal Heaters

Personal heaters can give you an almost instant boost of warmth in a very concentrated place. 

-Use your stove

Stoves heat up the home while cooking delicious meals for the family, the heat can actually linger and permeate the home. We are NOT suggesting to leave the stove on all day, for this can be dangerous and costly, but utilizing the oven to bake pies and casseroles can be considered a more regular activity in the winter. 

-Draft Stopper

These handy tools are an easy and cheap way to conserve heat throughout your house. Slide under the door for a tight seal from room to room. 

Remember these helpful tips when heating your home this cold season. An easy way to save even more money is to check our savings calculator. We can help estimate what you can save by switching to our services.