Grilling Tips That Every Home Chef Needs

20 July, 2021

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Grilling in the summer is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, eat healthier, and save money! With seemingly no downsides, this method of cooking has been around since the cavemen roamed the Earth and has blossomed into true gourmet status. Whether you are cooking for a crowd or dining solo we have some excellent tips that can help you get the most out of your grilling!

Grilling Safety

Before you begin, be sure that you practice good grilling safety. Keep the burns and bruises to a minimum! 

-Check to make sure that you have a working fire extinguisher on hand at all times.

-Place your grill in a well-ventilated, outdoor space, away from your home and any furniture.

-Wear clothing that hugs close to the body, any sleeves or strings can easily catch fire.

-Clean your grill before using. Old food or grease can catch fire unexpectedly with unpleasant results.

-Check your fuel source before you begin. You wouldn’t want to run out halfway through!

Gas or Charcoal?

Choosing which fuel to use can be an arduous task, especially if you are new to the grilling game. There are benefits to both described below.


-Reaches higher temps. But beware, this can lead to burned food quite quickly.

-Cheaper starting out, a small charcoal grill can be bought for under 100$.

-Smokier flavor is achieved when it comes to charcoal. The heavy smoke mark associated with grilling will be most prominent with charcoal.


-Heats up faster with better temperature control. Dials allow you to raise and lower the heat depending on need, as well as where it is dispersed. This can be a real plus when it comes to weeknight cooking.

-Easier cleanup. Disposing of coals can be dangerous and time-consuming. 

-Better for the environment. Burning propane has about one-third of the carbon footprint as a charcoal grill does, via Researcher Eric Johnson.

Grill Techniques

Don’t be intimidated by the open flame. From fruit to seafood, you can feasibly cook anything on the grill! Here are a few tips for any home chef.


-Use a meat thermometer. To prevent over or under-cooking utilize this tool to let you know exactly when your proteins are done.

-Add sauce towards the end of the cooking process. Saucing items before the grill can lead to over caramelization and small fires. Aim for applying around 15 minutes before pulling off the heat.


-Put a thumb-sized divot in burgers to prevent doming on the grill.

-Clean your grill with an onion! Slice in half and rub along the grates. The acidity in the onion helps to get rid of stuck-on food without using any harmful chemicals.

Grilling in the summer can even save you money on your utility bill. By keeping the heat outdoors, your internal temperature can stay even and cool all day. Another way to save on your summer utilities is to switch to a variable rate natural gas plan! Have you checked the current rates of Kratos Gas & Power? We may be able to drastically cut down on your monthly expenses. Keep checking back to the blog for helpful content year-round!