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Fireworks Safety For Families

04 July, 2022


Home Owners,


The weekend of all weekends approaches. The 4th of July is the official holiday of fireworks and BBQs! Do you partake? Billions of dollars worth of fireworks are purchased and shot skyward, to the delight of young and old but to the chagrin of animals everywhere. Unfortunately with the good comes the bad, and thousands of fireworks injuries are reported every year! Ranging from mild burns to even death, you want to keep yourself and your family safe! Read on for our important safety tips for fireworks.

-Fireproof the area. Be sure to move natural and unnatural flammable items out of the danger zone. Check out our great post about how you can keep your yard safer from fires!

-Put out the flame. Keep a bucket of water or sand handy and nearby to quickly douse flames and sparks. This is also a great way to keep track of all the trash! Place used fireworks in the water to ensure they are not longer lit.

-Do not use inebriated. We want our readers to enjoy their long weekend responsibly and safely! And that means do not use fire or pyrotechnics while under the influence of alcohol or drugs! It only takes one time to burn yourself, or something much more serious. Don’t become a statistic this weekend, in already busy and crowded ER rooms.

-Child safety .Young children are unpredictable when it comes to seeing fireworks. Children can run towards or away the explosion, putting themselves in danger. Be sure to watch children at all times when they use sparklers or while fireworks are being lit. The joy in their eyes is a great reason to stick closely anyway!

-Pet safety. Animals are often skittish when it comes to loud noises, flashing lights, and the smell of smoke, and understandably so! Making sure they are set up in a place they feel safe is important before the fireworks begin. Animals will often get spooked when near a 4th of July celebration and can run for long distances and hide; unresponsive to calls from their owners.

-Legal fireworks. Only buy fireworks from licensed and legal distributors. Do not try to make your own or buy from a local maker. There is no guarantee these will work or if they do, will do so safely. Buying illegal fireworks is not only a punishable offense but also a risky and dangerous one! If you want to see big shows, go to your community event! Learn more about what is and isn’t allowed in Michigan for 4th of July. 

Know your limits. If you don’t feel comfortable skip the at-home show. There is no reason to endanger yourself if you are not well versed in fireworks! With plenty of local events, leave it to the professionals and enjoy your holiday stress free. 

We hope these tips come in handy on the celebration of Independence Day! Keep checking back to our blog for great lifestyle resources applicable in your everyday life.