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Fireproof Your Yard For Summer

30 June, 2022


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Summer season is known for heat, sun, and fires? We may think of Michigan summer months as beautifully long days that turn into bonfire nights. But are you keeping yourself safe while having fun? Michigan firefighters respond to over 10,000 wildfires a year, don’t let your lawn be one of them! We’ll run down our easy checklist highlighting safety tips that will keep your summer worry-free. 

Clear away brush

Dead plant debris is the cause of wildfires almost 50% of the time. After spring has bloomed, this is a great time to clear away what didn't. Anything dry, brittle, grey, is most likely ready to be cleared. The great thing is that this can be a great controlled firestarter for your next event! 

Move furniture

Outdoor furniture should be a minimum of 7 feet away from the flame. This is a good rule for people as well. When tending to a fire, make sure you designate a specific person, rather than have many people milling close to the flame.

Create barriers

When landscaping your yard, adding barriers of stone, gravel, or shells is not only decorative, it is protective! Think of creating breaks in your lawn with strategically placed liners. Around the edges of the house is a popular and intelligent choice!

Use fireproof mulch 

Mulch can be many things, used as a ground cover to help protect water in the soil, it can be organic or inorganic, and materials range from composted wood, to pine, to shredded rubber. Studies found that composted wood chips had the lowest rate of spread when it came to flames. Surrounding your mulch with a stone or gravel barrier is a double whammy of safety!

Trim trees

Large looming tree branches can be dangerous for many different reasons and hopping flames (yes, that is a real threat to safety), is one of them. When fire’s break out there runs a risk of your roof igniting if the branch or leaves are close enough. Give them a cut!

Summertime should be full of fun and not worry, so take these tips and run with them! A quick weekend revamp as well as some common sense will help you create the safest yard for the summer. Keep checking back with Kratos Gas & Power for more excellent tips for homeowners.