What Energy Saving Appliance Is Worth It?

27 April, 2022


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Are you thinking of upgrading your appliances? Spring sales often interest homeowners across the country. After-tax returns, families are known to spend money on essentials, varying from bills to groceries. So why not make an investment in an everyday appliance that can save you money throughout the year?

Green Appliance Tax Breaks

This may be a lesser-known tax credit, but some appliances give you a federally recognized tax break for next year! This is a great way to double your savings when upgrading your appliances. Be sure to check out Michigan’s long list of green tax credits here! 

Start Small

Microwave- A super common appliance that many families use on a daily basis, sometimes close to twice a day. Now if you can cut down on energy expenditure in this every item, you will be looking at a lower energy bill every month! Always look at the wattage usage; you need to look for a microwave under 1000 watts for a family and under 650 for a single individual. 

Insta Pot-This popular item has been getting a ton of buzz lately. A counter-top appliance that can act as a great replacement for crock-pots, rice cookers, and pressure cookers. By combining three cooking tools into one, you might think it uses a ton of electricity. Are you right? An insta-pot uses around 2,000 watts of energy, which is much less than an average oven but more than a microwave. This is a great choice if you are often cooking meals ahead of time for a family. By shortening the cooking time, you are really able to cut down on electricity usage.

Air Fryer-Another trendy appliance, this can cut down on calorie consumption by eliminating the need for tons of oil! It can save your waistline but does it save your wallet too? Out of the three smaller appliances, the air fryer uses the most energy. The average usage per air fryer is around 1500 watts. This is again, a better choice for larger meals, considering that it still clocks well under a traditional stove. For crispy dishes, like fries, broiled steaks, or fried chicken, this will be your best bet!

Bigger Cost Bigger Savings

Stove- When upgrading a stove, there are three distinct varieties that one should consider three distinct varieties, gas, induction, and coil top. 

-Gas powered appliances can save households money, up to 1,000$ a year! Natural gas heats quickly, more evenly, and gives better temperature control. Kratos Gas & Power also offers competitive pricing on natural gas that can further drive down your bill!

-Induction stoves are actually the quickest out of the three when it comes to heating. Beating out gas in a test to boil water. And at the same time it uses the least amount of emissions.

-Coil-top stoves come in the very last when it comes to energy efficiency. If you own an older model, you may strongly consider upgrading your appliance!

When preparing your food, you have a variety of choices on to to cook. We all want to save time and money, and these appliances will help you do both! In addition to saving a bit of elbow grease and coin, you will also be saving carbon emissions. Less is more! Keep checking back to Kratos Gas & Power for more energy saving tips