Energy Efficient Insulation For All Seasons

26 October, 2020


Home Improvement,

Energy efficient insulation is sometimes an afterthought in the warmer months. We think of bundling up not only ourselves but also our home during the cold and sleet, but did you know that energy efficient insulation can allow you the coolest summer on record, without breaking the bank? We have several ways to stay economical and comfortable throughout these next months.

Depending on what is in your budget, whether it be time or money, there are options for everyone.


-Insulate your walls/attic

Homes built before 1940 have more outdated, thinner insulation. This can lead to an overall “drafty” feeling in your home, cooling and heating have to work overtime to keep your house at an even temperature. For better energy efficient insulation, an overhaul into the walls of your house might be in order. If you do not have the time/money for an entire home job, starting in the attic can be the best bang for your buck. This will, literally, put a lid on your home’s energy consumption.


-Caulk Air Leaks

This option involves a bit of elbow grease, but costs pennies on the dollar compared to our first option. Air leaks can run an energy bill up quite quickly, and caulking better seals is great for energy efficient insulation. By eliminating these leaks, your home will hold at the temperature you enjoy for much less money. This is a great step-by-step guide to identifying and plugging air leaks in your home.


-Blackout Curtains

These should be a staple in most homes. If you are concerned about a hot summer in a sunny area, these not only block out the sun when it’s unwanted, but also the added heat that comes with it. On regular curtains there is still a decent dose of Vitamin D; the extra thick fabric on blackout curtains help with energy efficient insulation. Starting at only $15 per panel, this is a cost-efficient way to help your energy costs throughout the year.

-Variable Rate Natural Gas

Switching your natural gas provider in the middle of the summer might seem silly, but it can actually save you hundreds of dollars. The variable rate that Kratos Gas & Power offers passes savings on to their customers when the price of natural gas is low. It is fast and convenient and can easily be done online!

Creating a home that has energy efficient insulation, will benefit your wallet through all seasons of the year. Be sure to keep learning about home-ownership, natural gas, and money saving hacks by following our blog and social media.