Revamp Date Night

25 March, 2021

Save Money,

Looking to save money? Revamp your date night.

Dating is a necessary step to take total strangers into future lovers. We wine, we dine, laugh, and joke in scenarios that sometimes cost an arm and a leg. Why do we stick to the old rules of dating? We no longer have to follow the tired, old routine of generations past. Here are four new ideas for date nights that save you some cheddar. 

 1) Date nights usually involve some delicious food and fun drinks. All the pomp and circumstance don’t need to be wrapped in a bow of overpriced risotto (its rice people!) and watered-down wine. Technology has allowed date night to be something more personal and taste-tailored to each couple. One of these ways is a prepped meal delivery service. Meal box delivery is the next step in date night evolution. These companies allow you to browse hundreds of recipes, searching for those delicious dishes that catch your eye and excite your stomach. Recently, some services have even started to offer wine pairings. The average cost of three meals for two is around 60$. That means for the cost of one night out, you can be romancing your sweetie three times as much AND have leftovers. 

2)  Do you shy away from the kitchen? Do the words “paring knife”  and “colander” scare you? Then budget date night is here for you. Restaurants often have deals throughout the week to entice diners out of their homes and into their businesses. Check local breweries, bars, and bistros for their special pricing. You might find a half-off wine bottle night, BOGO tacos, or something even better to start your date night off right.

3) Fight the crowds and see movies on Tuesdays. There is nothing better than a chilly movie theater, a comfy seat, and the mega HD surround sound experience of a movie in theaters. The worst? Waiting in massive lines, someone kicking the back of your chair, and sitting next to a chatty Kathy who can’t wait to check her Facebook notifications. You can get all of the good and none of the bad by going to theaters on Tuesdays. Several major movie theater chains participate in the 5 dollar deal and many offer a drink and popcorn for the same price! Gone are the days you have to mortgage your house to afford a night out at the cinema. 

4) Are your work weeks hectic? Are you living for the weekend? Then use Facebook to plan your weekend dates. Facebook is not just about liking your cousin’s kids' recital pictures, it also can help target what your particular interests are and where you can pursue them. Are you into berry picking? Large loom weaving? Classic cars? Facebook can take your interests to turn them into exciting weekend dates in your area. The perk to having a plethora of activities? Some are bound to be free!

Being cheap is cool. Don’t let anyone make you feel differently. Being cheap promotes creativity, individuality, and a unique experience for all those involved. Make your date night memorable, and not because of the money you spent.