4 Ways To Combat Brain Fog

20 January, 2022


Life Hacks,

Did you know that seasonal affective disorder, SAD, wreaks havoc on almost 280 million people per year? SAD takes a toll on your health not only physically, causing your immune system to weaken and appetite to be suppressed. But also mentally as well. Even without the clinical diagnosis, most Michiganders can agree that January begins to drag. The long, dark hours coupled with the below-freezing temperatures can all start to add up. Do you feel sluggish? Extra tired? Have brain fog? How can you keep yourself sharp, when the weather around you starts to make you dull? 

Brain Games

Routine tends to dull the mind, it allows us to be bored. Challenging our minds helps to create neuro-plasticity within the mind, helping us to think quicker on our feet, be more mindful within our day, and to prevent brain decline. From the morning crossword to a weekly Scrabble game, there are plenty of physical games you can try. And when you have down time within your day, try these apps out for fun!


An all around positive on your day to day routine, exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous. 30 minutes of increased heart rate can do wonders on your ability to focus and concentrate throughout the day. Recently, scientists have also discovered a link between cognitive aging and exercise. Meaning you may be able to stave off mental deteriorations and dementia with continued exercise throughout your life! 

Vitamin D

This essential component to our diet is well known for its effects on our bones but did you also know it is necessary to keep our circulatory and nervous systems in working order. Vitamin D is hard to come by during the winter months of dark and cold. The sun continues to be one of the primary sources that we as humans get our daily allotment of vitamin D. But since this is rare try food rich in the D like:






-egg yolks

Be a Beginner

Hobbies are an enjoyable way to stay busy in your off hours. Many of us have pre-existing favorites that we reach for from reading to yoga to painting. These outlets are well known for lowering heart rates and sedating our anxious minds after a long day. But did you know your brain may start to acclimate over time to these hobbies? A great way to challenge your brain is to become a beginner at something. One of the best payoffs of learning a new skill is that the process actually positively effects all other parts of your thought process! So while you learn a new language or pottery, you are also quickening your cognitive abilities, and turning back time on your mental odometer. 

Sharpening your mind doesn’t have to be an arduous process. Try to keep it fun! With simple games, apps, and interests you may have shelved for years, you can begin to reset your mental age. Keep pushing forward towards a better life, and keep checking back to the Kratos Gas & Power blog for excellent lifestyle tips!