Beat The Cold and Flu Season

26 October, 2020

Life Hacks,

A new study shows that Michigan is the sickest state in the US! 7% of Michiganians are experiencing flu-like symptoms, the national average is only 5%. If you find yourself dodging every cough and sneeze this winter, you are not alone. Short of finding a large bubble to wrap yourself in, you will be exposed to flu and cold carriers everyday. We want you to stay healthy, here are a few ways to do so.

Check Your Vents

Have you changed your air filters lately? Return air vents in your house still need care during the winter. This chore can save you money and create a better quality of air you’re breathing in. When these air filters are clogged, heat no longer circulates properly and you are left breathing in dust and debris. Your cold symptoms could alleviate overnight with a simple run to any home improvement store. 

Sleep Well

In winter we might feel like we are hibernating. In the cold and dark, sleep might be the only activity we really enjoy. And while sleep is an important factor in staying healthy, the quality of sleep is crucial. So how do we know if we are getting the correct kinds of zzz’s? 

Here’s a checklist:

-do you wake up multiple times in the night?

-are you tossing and turning?

-does it take you more than 30 minutes to fall asleep?

-do you wake up exhausted?

If you answered yes to any of these, you are not getting good quality sleep. Change that by limiting screen time in bed, limiting naps throughout the day, and getting enough movement and exercise throughout the day. This will drastically improve your chances of sleeping through the night and create an excellent barrier to germs.

Get A Snake (Plant)

Snake plants are everyone’s friend. These hearty plants need barely any care and have a myriad of benefits. They clean the air from toxins such as formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and nitrogen oxides. They release night-time oxygen for better sleeping. They help fight allergies and help prevent getting sick. Snake plants are cheap and found at most local home improvement stores. 

Wash At Every Opportunity

The best way to guard yourself from sickness is to use preventative care. Washing your hands is an excellent barrier from unwanted germs. To make sure you are maximizing your washing experience by:

-washing for at least 20 seconds 

-getting in between your fingers and underneath your nails

 -lather enough to create small bubbles, get the friction going

-dry your hands, with a towel or air

Wash after you come in contact with any public surfaces or other people. Try your best to wash before touching your face or eating.

Getting sick derails everyone’s plans. Try to keep yourself in tip-top shape for the next upcoming months. Only 10 more days until spring!